We offer the best infrastructure to give you the best opportunities and
comfort during your study. Our school has a clean and well-organized environment
that encourages students to develop their skills and increase their knowledge. A
clean and well-organized environment enhances the teaching and learning
experience. Our teachers have strong influence in shaping a student’s attitude and
personality. They possess admirable qualities which cultivate the student’s talents
and abilities. Our administrator is professional and supportive to the needs of the
academic staff.
To maintain the quality of teaching we regularly monitor the performance of
teachers. We have good supporting staff who help well to meet the needs of all the
students. Our school environment is safe for students physically and emotionally.
We are a supportive community where the teachers and students collaborate and
focus on achieving better learning. Our campus is free of negative behavior like
bullying and harassment.
We have appropriate educational tools and facilities for students and
teachers. We realize that the rapid race development in the country has raised the
awareness as well as expectation of the people. Institutions of Basic and Madhyamik
level learning are instrumental in providing equality of opportunities which is the
essence of participatory democracy. We are accepting the challenges in Madhyamik
Education and working together to meet these challenges.